Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About penis envy shroom

For many years now, there have been intense debates around the issue of natural penis enlargement programs. As a matter of fact, penis enhancement programs receive a lot of bad press due to the big number of con jobs being pulled off in infomercials and spam e-mail campaigns. It is simply unbelievable that a person would believe that you can make your penis three inches longer by taking a magic penis envy magic mushroom pill.



However, this is a sad reflection of our quick fix culture now. There reason no one really doubted the effectiveness of pills now because doctors have been prescribing pills for about a century.

It is feasible to increase the dimensions of penis through exercises or using traction devices. In fact, it is advisable to use them in combination as it is an excellent way to attain the specified length and circumference you desire. Fair merchants will never publicize extraordinary gains in as little as 2 weeks. The truth is this is just a ridiculous claim.

Penis enlargement is possible if only you are prepared to put in the hard work and be patient about the results. You may not be gaining four inches in one month but a gain of two to four inches in six months is realistic. To a lot of people, six months seems like a lifetime.

You can visit all the forums online for advices or even buy the most expensive traction device. It will not make any difference. You body must be conditioned gradually for the change before it becomes permanent. So, from now on, you should give up on the idea of having overnight solutions.

Do not be misled by the advertisements for enlargement pills. The merchants are only trying to push their completely worthless products on the market. The favorite tagline is that you will get instant result but without putting in any work. Do not squander your time, money and hopes on such a thing.

Do what is best for you and start a supervised penis enlargement program employing a reliable traction device and with aid from a heavy exercises routine. Also try to get a product that comes with some support. Apart from the basic instructions, preferably you should also get the instructions on some DVDs and also a support forum is available for you to raise questions. In fact, a support forum is going to be very crucial as it can keep you on track and motivate you to resume even if you feel like giving up.

Many different penis enlargement methods are in existence. Some of these promised instant results, others are filled with less hype and offer a guaranteed step-by-step plan to achieve permanent results. You may be wondering what the best way to increase your penis size is for you since there are so many options such as penis pills, pumps, extenders and exercises.

Generally two different types of categories of men exist that want to increase their penis size. Those who would risk their health and risk damaging their penis by using penis pills and extenders and there are those who want to find natural and permanent ways to increase their penis size. Overall it is much better to find a natural method to increase the size of your penis because it will allow more blood to flow into your penis because the exercises work by using cell expansion to increase the blood flow to your shaft. In this article I will outline two exercises that you can begin to use to increase the size of your penis.


The first exercise I want to talk about is called the balloon technique. It will focus on stretching out your penis shaft as well as making your penis thicker. In order to perform this technique you must first apply the lotion on your penis shaft in order to prevent injury. Once this is done you want to get your penis half erect and begin to massage the tip of it in an up-and-down matter stretching with just enough tension to feel a tingling in your penis shaft. Once you feel you are about to reach the maximum ejaculation stop right before you reach it and perform the exercise four more times. This will stimulate the cells in the penis because they have not been used to so much blood flowing in and out that it will expand the cells creating a larger penis for you.

The second exercise I want to talk to you about is called the penis stretch. This exercise will only focus on increasing the length of your penis by maximizing blood flow to the shaft. To begin start off with your penis at a 50% erect state. Next grab your thumb and index finger and place it around the bottom of your shaft. Now you can begin to slowly start from the bottom of your penis and move to the tip stretching with enough pressure to expand the tissues inside your penis shaft. Once you reach the tip hold for 4 seconds and repeat the motion again. In order to begin to see some results do three sets of 20 stretches to begin her day.


By doing these two exercises you will gradually begin to see some results but to achieve results in the fastest way possible it is recommended to follow a full routine that is guaranteed to grow your penis in as little time as possible.